March 7, 2011

Well I haven't been a great  blogger as of late... 
I go through periods of time that I just don't have either anything to say or any motivation to type anything.
A lot has been going on though. We moved to a new place... a smaller place!
Its only 2 bedrooms and a lot less storage!! But its in a good city so we dont have to worry about school for the kids. And the rec center is in walking distance which will be great in the summer time! Its coming along nicely. We are all adjusting to the smaller space and the kids to sharing a room. 
What else is going on....???
Oh, Im going to be registering Jack for preschool soon!!!! I can't believe he's going to be going to school already!!! Where did my baby go?! :( 
I think thats about it... I will try to update more often and once the new place is set up I will post pics!