September 27, 2010

I don't have the Internet at home or on my phone ....
I'm going through withdraw...
Its not pretty!
I came to my moms and brought my lap top so I could get a fix.
AAHH.... it feels good! :)

So I wont be around to much in the next week or two.

September 22, 2010

Oh don't I look so happy in this photo! hahah
I think I should address this dirty mirror... I do clean it! But my little girl thinks that when she puts on lip gloss (which she is obsessed with!!) she must kiss the mirror! 
OK moving on!
I cant remember where I wore half of these outfits this week... sorry!

jeans-lane bryant

I'm not sure if I'm liking this outfit or not...
This dress is amazing!
belt & necklace-target


(see I cleaned the mirror and she's already getting ready to dirty it up!!)



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September 21, 2010

Ive seen on a couple other blogs 
that they are telling the story 
of how they met their other halves...
Well here's mine :)

{This picture was taken on St. Patrick's Day 2005... 2 days after we started dating}

OK... where to begin?
Well, lets just put it out there... I was married before.
So Rob is my second husband. 
I got married to my first husband right before I turned 21...
it wasn't the best decision I made, but I don't regret it.
Shortly after I married my 1st I knew it wasn't forever... I knew it before that but was to young and naive to know what I was feeling. I left to go live with my sister and her husband in North Carolina about 6 months into out marriage and stayed for about 5 months... we were only married 1 year and 23 days... I don't know why I remember that?
OK, onto the good stuff!
When I left for North Carolina I had no friends... only my sister and her husband, they both worked so I was left on my own... I was BORED!!! 
So I signed up for one of those awful dating sites at the urging of a friend back home. I thought this is silly and ridiculous! Real love and commitment is not on here!
So I met a few of the guys that contacted me from there... there was NOTHING!
No connection, no feeling, not even the thought of talking to them after our "date" ended!
So in the meantime I moved back home to Ohio.
Tried to rebuild my life... I even tried to "fix" my marriage (which I was still in!! I know... judge me if you want!) But I quickly realized there is no amount of fixing that would fix that! So I told my ex husband that I was young and had a chance at happiness and I was going to take it... he should too!
I filed for a divorce... one of the hardest things I ever did... surprisingly.
Remember that website I signed up for...the one where you cant find true love on... well I had forgotten about it... and one night I was bored, so I thought "Hey why not!"
I was browsing through all the guys... there was really weird guys, OK guys, not so OK guys... and then there was Rob. 
He had a picture of himself with one of his friends (the best man in our wedding)
I remember his profile... it was different and to me seemed true and real! 
True and real was something I didn't seem to find on there.
So I contacted him.
He was the only one I ever contacted.
We talked online for a bit.
And he sent me his phone number.
He told me that he didn't think I would ever call him... but I did!!!
We talked for HOURS!!!! 
We wanted to meet... but lets not forget I was still married! 
I refused to meet him until I was officially separated from my ex.
It seemed important to me! Like a fresh start... where I have nothing "tainting" my new relationships.
So 3 days after I got divorced we meet for a movie ( Good Company) and then went to dinner (Denny's! LOL!) I remember the first time I saw him and what he was wearing!!! 
My first thought was "He's tall!" (He's 6'5)
So we watched the movie, and went to Denny's... we laughed and had an amazing time!
Rob has told me that he knew that night that I was gonna be special! :)
We talked every night. Saw each almost every night!
But I didn't want to rush into anything... I mean come on I just ended a serious relationship... I was damaged goods! But he didn't give up!!
We had plans to go to an 80's night at a bar with a bunch of his friends, but first we went to some recital for a co-workers daughter (random I know!) on the way there he kept drawing a heart and  then dotting it in the middle on m leg... I thought it was the cutest thing I have ever seen a guy do!
I knew then he loved me!!
And because I, like him, make jokes... I remember saying something along the lines of "You love me! You wanna have babies with me! You wanna marry me!" hahahh... so mature!
He laughed and smiled at me.
So the night went on... we went to the 80's night and he started to introduce me to friends I had not meet 
"This is my FRIEND Ashleigh."
I thought... hey I want to be more then friend, I want to be your girlfriend!! So I said it to him! And he said... well I don't remember what he said specifically! But it was probably something like FINALLY! 
We have been together ever since... we have never broken up, we have been stable and sure!
He's my bff ... lol!!!
Honestly... he's everything to me!

THAT I did always love,
I bring thee proof: That till I loved
I did not love enough.
That I shall love alway,
I offer thee
That love is life,
And life hath immortality.
This, dost thou doubt, sweet?
Then have I
Nothing to show
But Calvary.
-Emily Dickinson-

September 20, 2010

Neon Trees - Animal

I kinda LOVE this song!!
So does Emily... she keep singing it!

September 19, 2010

My husband and I took the kids to a park.
And it ended up being an amazing park.
A peaceful and relaxing park.
Like a little piece of heaven.

Went to a bachelorette party last night.
Ive come to realize that I am an old woman!!!
That kinda fun does not appeal to me any more.
My husband and I don't drink so I felt outta place while they
were jugging away and doing shot after shot.
Oh well... I went and stayed what I felt was a good amount of time to not seem rude..
then I came home and read books and played with my little girl (who had a late nap so stayed up till 12am!)
That's my kinda fun!!! 

September 16, 2010

I just bought the 
Deceptively Delicious 
cookbook by
Jessica Sienfeld.

{I bought my copy at 5 Below for $5!!! Way better deal then $20!}

I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm pretty excited to try it out!
Emily is a pretty good eater, although she doe shy away from veggies.
Jack is a HORRIBLE eater!!! He only really eats chicken nuggets, cheese and bread!
He just recently started eating baby carrots with ranch dip!
That was a huge step!!

I have big hopes for this book!!
She also has a website if anyone is interested in checking it out {click here}

Has any one tried any recipes or had any experience with this book or technique of cooking?
If so.... PLEASE let me know!

September 15, 2010

Today has been a blah kinda day.
I cleaned a little.
Did a little laundry.
But not much else.
I need a friend... lol.
That's so sad to say.
But its kinda true.
I've never been a friend friend.
Ive had some... they come they go.
Ive never been the type to call up a girl friend and ask her to go shopping...
I prefer to shop alone.
I guess I'm a loner.
sometimes I have the most fun inside my own head.
A little weird yes.
I don't really have a rhyme or reason to this post...
sorry for rambling.

what did you do today?

September 14, 2010

Well, I figured while I'm sitting at my moms and the kids are bus watching Wall-e I would do my What I Wore post!! Yay ahead of schedule!!!
FYI: I am missing one day because the kids and I weren't feeling well and I didn't shower until about 10:30pm!!!

I wore this on Wednesday last week.
This is the day I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time!!
How could I have never been here until now?!?! 

shoes-leopard print! target

(Thursday was our sick day)
We got out of the house for lunch with my mom and niece and then the library.

dress-becoming my go to dress! dots
flip flops-??

I actually wore a different outfit but never took a picture of it
and I had my pj's on and then I had a surprise trip to Joann Fabrics!

purse-$2 Marc's!!

What I wore out for our anniversary!
(Did I mention I love my hubby!!!???!)


hanging out 

sweater-old navy

and what I'm actually wearing as I type!

black pants-target

Well thanks for stopping by!!! Cant wait to see every ones outfits!
Linking up to The Pleated Poppy
Tomorrow of course!

So I have a question to ask any moms out there...
My son (who will turning 4 on November 8th)
He has been bringing up
He keeps asking my husband and myself about dying...
him dying
us dying
he's serious about this!
He's FOUR!!!
I don't know how to feel about this... if its a natural question to ask at 4 years old?
We tell him that everyone dies that Gods needs you with him at a point in time.
We tell him that when we die he will be older and have a family of his own...we feel he worries that he will be left all along.
That when he dies he will be old.
OK... I'm very emotional about this, how do you feel when your son comes to you and says he doesn't want to die crying?!!? I try not to cry and scare him!
I feel sadden and worried that my little boy is soo worried about dying when he's biggest worry should be nap time!
Its also kinda scary to think he thinks about this... like he knows something we don't know... that's was harder to type then anything!!! 
I pray to God every day! 
I pray for my family and myself.
I pray I am strong enough to help my son through this... whatever it is. 
If there are any parents out there that have ANY advice I would greatly appreciate it!!

September 12, 2010

Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary!!!

We got a card at our wedding shower from one of Robs cousin who is about 14
in the card he wrote 
"Rob farts Ashleigh laughs!"
Maybe the secret to a happy marriage is .... farting?
We laugh soo much!!!
I love my husband.
He is a big bear that LOVES with his whole heart!!!

He loves making everyone laugh!!! 
He's the strongest man I know...emotionally and physically!
I think he's pretty cute :)
And we go together like
peas and carrots
cake and frosting...
we are fat... we like to eat! 
I love that he makes me chicken wings at 12am the day of my birthday 
because he knows I LOVE them! 
And then laughed at me when I got BBQ sauce everywhere!

I never knew this big ol softy would be my world!!!
That he would give me two of the most wonderful children any mom could ever want!
We have cried and laughed.
We have loved and been  mad.
We have struggled and been slightly above struggling (hahah!)
We have done everything together since the day we met (pretty much!)
And I plan on doing everything for the rest of our lives together.
We will always be there for each other... no matter what!
Till the end!
And when we are at that old folks home just sittin' side by side and he farts...
you bet I'll be there laughing! 

September 10, 2010

My world is changing every day.
My kids are growing up.
My thoughts and beliefs are changing.
I feel a little lost in the world right now...
Like I'm searching for something but its something 
I shouldn't have to search for?
Does that make sense?

September 9, 2010

Whelp, here's my What I Wore ...
Nothing to exciting. 
But is it ever?

I wore this on Saturday to help out with putting up the HUGE pool my parents got. 
Tank-Old Navy (years ago)
Black tank-Target
Cutoffs-I don't remember where the jeans came from

Helping (not so much) with the pool again.
Flannel- my hubby's
Jeans-Lane Bryant

Monday(Labor Day)
Just hanging out and a few picnics
Jacket & Shirt-Target

The only pic I got of Tuesday
I wore a gray and white tank from F21
black pants from Target and the necklace... I don't remember where that came from

Sweater-Target ( I think)
Jeans-Lane Bryant

Well, there it is ladies! 
I'm linking up with The Pleated poppy

I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time yesterday!!!
Oh my word!!!!!!!

September 6, 2010

This long weekend has flown by!
We put up a HUGE pool in my parents back yard... just in time for Fall! 
I made some cute ice cream cone cupcakes! 
I will share the recipe tomorrow... and maybe more!

September 3, 2010

Apple Caramel Cake

Serves 15 to 20

2 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups vegetable oil
3 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup chopped walnuts
2 1/2 cups diced apples, canned or fresh

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream together sugar, eggs, and oil. Add flour; mix together until well blended. Add vanilla, nuts, and diced apples. Spread into a lightly greased and floured 13x9- inch baking dish; bake for 45 to 60 minutes. Cake is done when toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. When cake is done, punch holes in it with a knife and pour topping over.

Caramel Topping

3/4 pound (3 sticks) butter
2 cups brown sugar
1/4 cup milk

Heat all ingredients together over medium heat. Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Let boil for about 2 minutes. Pour over warm cake.

Note: I did NOT like this cake. I was looking for something cake-y and fall-ish.
This was soggy and ... well just not to my liking. 
But please try it out.
And let me know what you think!

Well, I'm what 2 days late for The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore. 
Sorry... I even missed 2 days! :(
Sorry about that too.
I cant even remember what days I wore what...
I'm just drained lately.

Outfit details:
Shirt-Old navy
Cut offs-Lane Bryant
Earrings-Garage Sale!!!

Outfit details:
Shirt-Lane Bryant
Skirt- Kohl's
Flops-My moms.
This was right before Emily pulled my shirt down.... :/

This was Saturdays outfit! 
We had a mini yard sale at my husbands aunts house.
I found some cool stuff!!!
Ill post pics of that stuff later... when I find energy!
Outfit details:
Shirt-Old Navy
Jeans- don't remember

Outfit details:
Skirt-Old Navy

Outfit details:
Dress-Target (OLD!)
Flops-Moms... can you tell they are my favorite!

So there it is! 

September 2, 2010

I feel like I've hit a brick wall....

I'm sleepy.

I'm drained.

I've got so much more work to do.

I'll post more tomorrow...

My What I Wore
The apple caramel cake recipe