September 29, 2009

singin' in the rain

It's been rainy and completely FALL!
So, being the cool mom I am (HA!), I geared up the kiddies with rain boots and warm clothes and we went puddle jumpin'!!!!!
Emily fell, A LOT, she's like me... my nickname growing up was Crashleigh.
Jack was jumping so high and was having a blast!
I had to trick them into this picture. It's near impossible to get one of them together.
I asked each of them to pick out a leaf they liked...
My dear sweet Emily always picks the brown dead ones or the big bulky ones... she can find the beauty in everything... that makes me happy.

I started a new job today. It broke my heart to leave the kids today. The other day we ( the kids, hubby and I) sat and made some pictures to hang in my office... I'll take some pictures of them and post them, they are perfect and will make me smile every time I look at them.

September 25, 2009

The family and I went to Mapleside Farms the other weekend. It was a lot of fun. The kids each got something special.

Jack got a pirate sword.

Emily got this pair of wings... she walks around the house saying "BUTTAFLY!!!!" While waving her arms up and down.

Me and the husband.
Dad and son.

It was a beautiful day! And the husband even got me something special. A necklace from this etsy shop. They had a booth set up and I couldn't help but drool over the sugar skull necklace they had.

That husband, he's just to good to me! :D

And the food was pretty delicious too!

The corn was so sweet... it didn't even need salt!
And the hot dog's where pretty yummy too!

Here's even MORE pictures from my wedding! I just love them, SO I have to share them!

Mr & Mrs !!

My beautiful Bridesmaids.
{L-R: My sister, Autumn, Rob's cousin's, Niki & Samantha, my youngest sister, Chelsea}


Like many brides, I have thought a lot about my wedding since the big day. I of course, have picked it apart. Every mistake, every success. I've come to the conclusion that... No matter if I would have fallen flat on my face walking down the aisle our the music wasn't to every one's taste.... NONE of it mattered! I became his wife!!!! And it feels amazing!

After being together for almost 5 years and having 2 children together, I really didn't think it would feel this wonderful or even special. I am pleasantly surprised. I am more in love then ever before with my husband! Husband, I love saying it!

Well, thanks for putting up with all these wedding photos. I promise no more... I have other photos to post! :D

September 21, 2009

More random pictures from the wedding...
unity candle. my something borrowed was my grandmother's candle stick holder.
my dad and sisters!
my niece
my first shot of shilva (croatian moonshine, awful stuff!)
my husband with one of his friends on his shoulders.

We had so much fun that night!! Of course looking back on it, there were a few things I would of changed to make go smoother, but in general, it was perfect! And we got what we wanted out of it... we are husband and wife. And life has never felt so good!!

September 19, 2009

I haven't posted anything awhile... my sister and her boyfriend are home from Rhode Island for the wedding still, today is their last day :(
I am sad she is leaving, but we have had such a lovely time together. Today the whole family is going to pick apples at Maple Side Farm.
I'm pretty excited about doing that... I plan on getting some family portraits!!
Well I need to get in the shower or that isn't going to happen!

September 13, 2009

I'm a MRS. now!

Yesterday was the big day! It was PERFECT, AWESOME, AMAZING! I will have some pictures up soon. Im just taking in the joy of being the wife of the most wonderful man around!
WOW, I think it kinda just hit me.... IM MARRIED! IT REALLY HAPPENED! Im kinda crying....

September 5, 2009

ONE WEEK!!!!!!

Here's one of the banners I made. So many to come!

And the card that I sent to my cousin who just moved to LA.

Can't wait to share more of the goodies I've been busy making.

September 2, 2009

Blessing reminders

Sometimes I forget how truely blessed I am.
But then God sneaks in a little reminder for me.
Today it was looking through old pictures and finding this one.
This was our new family... new meaning we just added a forth member!
The picture was taken just hours after Emily was born.
Soon Jack will be 3 and Emily will be 2, in 10 days Rob and I will be married, Rob will be turning 30 this year. And I can't even begin to mention all the little things that fill my days that God helps remind me of the blessings He's given me.
Here's a few things that reminded me today:
-Jack telling me I gave him poisonous eggs! (which I didn't!)-
-Emily giving me a big squeeze and grunting like she hugged the life out of me-
-Cecilia asking me to read her the book I got her-
-Rob telling me "Friends come and go, but you, you and the kids are FOREVER!"-
-Finding a moments piece to just sit and think... think about them, my blessings!-

What did God bless you with?

licensed to wed

Today Rob and I, with the kids, went and got our marriage license. First off, I woke up feeling like crap! So I kept having to stop at every rest room we passed (tmi!), we parked so far from the Court House, every person down town decided that we looked like a friendly lets stop them and talk family because everyone did! We finally made it to the Court House after going to the wrong building (because Rob thought it was in a different place then where I told him it was!), we had to pick up and carry our children in their stroller up about 25 steps so we were a little sweaty cause we are fat and lazy( and that wasn't light! The kids a piece are over 30 lbs, and the stroller is about 40 lbs!) , we made it in and got the the desk and that's when i remembered I left my drivers license in the car! The only ID I had with my picture on it was my Sam's Club card, Rob's drivers license is invalid, the kids were screaming and beating each other up, i almost lost my bag trying to get papers out of it... we were a HOT MESS! I wonder what the ladies were thinking watching us! At least its a story we will never forget!
So what have we learned, you CAN get a marriage license with a Sam's Club card, an invalid drivers license and out of control kids! Good to know, right!?