October 31, 2010

So, if you haven't checked out Danielle over at Positively Positive YOU NEED TO!!!
I love this girl!
And she is having a giveaway! 
So hurry up and enter to win because it ends TONIGHT!!!
But then again take your time... it might help my chances of winning : P

October 29, 2010

I'm pooped!
This week has been such a long one!!!
The kids and I drove to Rhode Island to surprise my sister with a visit.
She lives in Newport... which is beautiful!!
I wish I had gotten more pictures but it didn't work out. 
Oh well...
it was hard to leave my husband for that long.
I haven't been away from him in about 6 years! And the kids have never been away!
It was hard!

Speaking of my hubby, he's been working a horrible shift at work 7 pm-7 am!!!! 
I'm really sleepy... hopefully more coming soon!

October 23, 2010

Spent $3.50 at 5 Below and had soooooo much fun!!!

I might of had to bribe them with candy corn... but it was totally worth it!!! 

Last night we went to Boo at the Zoo! Every year since I can remember the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo hosts an event for kids to come and enjoy the Halloween season and not be scared! And the adults love it too! Ive never liked Halloween time... I think its scary and I hate scary!!! But now that I'm a mom its fun... we get to dress up and do fun stuff like Boo at the Zoo! 

There are just a few pictures from last night!

October 22, 2010

OK lets start this bad luck post by saying... I'm trying SOO hard to not be a puddle on the floor!

Where to start... about 2 or 3 weeks ago...
Emily had been itching her head... A LOT! 
So of course I take a look at it and see NOTHING! (or at least that's what I thought!)
So we changed her shampoo and stopped using conditioner and stopped using the de-tangler spray thing maybe it was all bothering her scalp. STILL ITCHING!
I have my mom look at her, Rob looks at her, Robs aunt looks at her... they say they see nothing.
So about 2 weeks go by and of course I'm still trying to figure out why shes itching and what is the source of the itching....
We go out to lunch and I'm sitting next to Em. I look over at her and my eye gets caught by this movement on her head... her hair was up in pig tails... it was a bug! A BUG!!! So I take it off and show my husband who says "That's lice." Like he was saying pass the salt! 
Ive never had lice or seen it or known anyone with it!!
And my little girl has been walking around with it for 2 weeks! 
Talk about feeling like an AWFUL mom!!!
So I freaked a lot!
We all went to the doctors and they gave us an RX for this strong stuff that smelled like it could kill a cat. We put the smelly stuff on our heads for 12 hours!!! And began ripping our home apart to clean and clean and clean some more!!!

Its been a week since then... and no sign of any lice or nits. 
And believe me Ive been checking!! 
Like 10 times a day!
I seriously feel so horrible about this!

So they day after we find out we have lice is a Friday and Robs at work and I'm home with the kids like any other normal day... I'm trying to do the mountain of laundry we have now from yesterdays cleaning  (the sad part was that I was 1 basket away from being done with all the laundry on Thursday!) 
The kids were being sooo crabby so I said it was nap time... of course they didn't sleep and they kept coming out of their rooms saying they were hungry so I made them what they wanted and they eat none of it!! 
OK wait back up a little...
While I was making this lunch they didn't eat Emily said she had to go potty... I told her to go ahead and I would be in in a second, she does and then I hear Jack say "Emily pooped on the bathroom floor!" 
I go to the bathroom and see she had pooped in her pants and didn't tell me so she got it all over the place when she went to sit on the toilet :(
So I cleaned it up, cleaned her up and threw her clothes in the washer...
OK back to lunch
The kids AREN'T eating it! And Jack is talking about how he pooped in his pants and blah blah blah... I know another bad mom moment but I was on the verge of losing it anyways! I told him that I didn't know what he was talking about! In the meantime the laundry is ready to be switched so I go to the laundry room which is right off the kitchen and start switching the loads... and the more clothes I take out of the washer the more it smells like poop!
And I get most of the "clean" clothes into the dryer and see two small nuggets ... I pick one up not knowing what it was (DUH! right!?) ...
well you guessed it POOP! 
I lost it!!
I yelled "Who pooped in the washer!!!?!!"
Like someone really would have taken a dump in the washer! LOL!
But Jack replies "I told you I pooped in my pants Mom!" 
So I clean out the washer and re-wash the clothes.
I tell the kids to go lay back down and really take naps this time! They go while I clean up the lunch they didn't eat.
OK about an hour goes by and I go to check on them... I go to Jacks room and it smells like poop!!!!!
I walk in and ask him if he farted, he said "No I told you I pooped my pants!" and he points to the corner of his room... he has a hiding spot between the wall and the dresser and he changed his underwear and shoved them in there!!! I made him go sit on the potty while I took care of the mess and I checked hi butt to wipe it... but there was no poop!?!?!? I asked him how he was clean and he pointed to his rug...........
I was soooo MAD!
I cleaned him up  and then took all his toys out of his room for that! I seriously took EVERYTHING OUT! I felt so bad :( 
 So Ive made it through this week mostly bad luck free, a free things nothing big... until this morning!
Jack comes out of his room this morning and I asked him why he was wearing different clothes and he goes into this long talk about his dad and the potty and honestly it didn't make any sense! So I went to his room and in his hiding spot were his clothes that he had taken off and then pee'd on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really don't understand why he is doing this... he has been potty trained for almost a year and has never had so many accidents as he has had in the last couple of months!
Whelp, Emily comes out of playing with Jack and says she pooped in her pants... I clean her up go to put the dirty clothes in the washer and see that I forgot to start the dryer and that the clothes in the washer are soaking wet! :(
Why oh why?!?! 
I feel like my insides are gonna explode!!!

Oh and the kids and I are going to Rhode Island next week without Rob (this is the first time they will be away from him and only the second time in 6 years that I will) this doesn't seem like a huge deal but my kids are seriously attached to their daddy and when he goes to work they act like he's never coming back!
I'm not sure how I will survive next week without him...
Hopefully my bad luck wont follow me there!

October 21, 2010

The kids and I went for a walk yesterday....

We made silly faces...

Threw leaves at each other...

Made it "rain leaves"...

Jumped in the leaves...

And snuggled! 

October 20, 2010

Fall around my house...

Leaves and mini pumpkins...

Grouds from our pumpkin patch trip and more leaves and fall flowers!

The kids and I made some "lanterns" from blank milk cartons Rob brought home from work...

Its hard to see but we have some orange lights up and the kids each made one pumpkin and one Frankenstein and I made 2 vampires. 

I hope everyone is having fun with the season!

Today was my moms birthday!
We got the family together and went out to dinner and then back to my sisters house for cake... it was a really nice time! 
This silly picture is from Halloween last year... I was a bumble bee...  :)
Anyways, there's not much going on...
I decided to not clean my house at all today and instead I read Linger
It is the second in Stiefvater's series. The first, Shiver, was really good and I was SO excited to read Linger that I read it in about 1 day! My hubby got it for my sweetest day gift... cause he's awesome and knows what I love! :) 

My next read is in Lauren Kate's series. I read Fallen awhile back and cant wait to get my hands on Torment!

OK... Its late... I'm starting to forget what I'm talking about! Goodnight! 

October 18, 2010

Yesterday we headed out to the country for some pumpkin pickin' fun with a bunch of our friends.
We had a great day!!
The weather was a prefect Fall day and the kids were prefect too!! 
Warning: This post is loaded with pictures and few words :)

Love this one!


The whole group!

I love my family!

Yea... I know!


Picking apples.

He's so lazy! Really he is!

Jack giving thumbs because today was so much fun!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

October 16, 2010

I made a Fall wreath from items I already had and a few dollar store buys. 
I love it!!!!!

I had gotten the leaves from a friend for free awhile back, the mushroom is actually for the garden but it broke so I re purposed it! The flowers and wreath I got at the dollar store today and the ribbon I had!!
I'm soo happy with how it turned out! 


I have the Internet back!!!!
Time for a celebration!!! :)

Happy Sweetest Day everyone! 

October 12, 2010

We went on a nature walk today by my moms house.
This is the creek right next to her yard.

The kids walked Lilly, my parents dog.

We went to a neighbors house to collect pine cones...
My kids are so dang cute!!!!

See!! :P

Here are our pine cone finds!
Tomorrow we are gonna go acorn collecting!

While scavenging for cones we found the coolest mushroom ever!!! 
Hope everyone has a great Fall day!