October 20, 2010

Today was my moms birthday!
We got the family together and went out to dinner and then back to my sisters house for cake... it was a really nice time! 
This silly picture is from Halloween last year... I was a bumble bee...  :)
Anyways, there's not much going on...
I decided to not clean my house at all today and instead I read Linger
It is the second in Stiefvater's series. The first, Shiver, was really good and I was SO excited to read Linger that I read it in about 1 day! My hubby got it for my sweetest day gift... cause he's awesome and knows what I love! :) 

My next read is in Lauren Kate's series. I read Fallen awhile back and cant wait to get my hands on Torment!

OK... Its late... I'm starting to forget what I'm talking about! Goodnight! 

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posidanielle said...

Tomorrow is my day to clean the house but I honestly don't know if i will feel like it haha. I am so down for a lazy day. haha.
I am desperate need for a new book to read. I haven't read a good book in forever.

have a wonderful day gorgeous mama!