October 5, 2010

Well since we don't have cable/Internet we have been crafting and "playing" school a lot lately.

We made ghost's... ooooohhhhh! :)

Here the kids are decorating the first letter of there names.

And here's something I whipped up. 
I have been embroidering a lot lately and loving it! 

Not having the Internet has been a challenge for me. 
But it has been a good thing too.
The kids and I have been really buckling down and "working" a lot :)


posidanielle said...

Aw I love craft time with my little one. It looks like they love it also! The ghosts are so cute!
I would go crazy with internet. Sure there are days when I don't use it, but I like the convenience of it. haha. I am spoiled. You are definitely a strong woman. take care pretty mama! <3

Kelli said...

I like your blog. I found you through linking up with the pleated poppy! Stop by and say hello at my blog, loveoursimplelife.blogpspot.com


posidanielle said...

Ashleigh! I would totally love it if we lived closer to one another! And I would definitely let you use my internet! It would be nice to have kids around Evangelina's age that she could hang out with. We don't really know anyone with children around her age.