October 1, 2010

Fall is here!!! 

Tangled trees at my favorite park!

Crisp walks. Warm apple cider!

My beautiful daughter <3

My crazy wonderful husband & son... trying to swing from the "vines" :)


I've been off line for awhile and to say I was totally fine would be a lie! I have been jonesing for some blog time!

Life is changing with the changing weather...
My dad is possibly getting a new job in Massachusetts, which would mean my parents would move there of course!
That's a huge change for us... we spend quite a bit of time with my mom and at her house. Emily is very attached to her!! 
I'm not ready to deal with that heart break :(

Also, we have to prepare to move out of our house in March... 
which is OK and blah.
We need to move to a location that is affordable for our one income and with good schools. We have a place in mind that would work for both requirements... BUT... I just don't really want to move there. Many reasons... but ultimately we will do whats right for our family. 

Well, not much else to report. 
Sorry for not blogging so much lately.
I'll try to keep up... but this weather draws me outside and keeps me busy crafting with the kids.
I love this time of year like people love the summer!
And guess what I love the winter even more :) 
I'm definitely a snow bunny!

*all pictures taken by me*


Mandy said...

You and your family are so cute! Yay for fall!

posidanielle said...

Your family is adorable! And I absolutely love those tangled trees, what a beautiful place.
That's sad that your parents might be moving away. I hope that whatever happens is the best thing for all involved.
And you have to move too? bummer, but think as a new decorating adventure! Plus, if its more affordable that's always better.
I'll be thinking of you dear. <3