August 29, 2009

the girl and the boy together...

I was looking through some blog today and I found the most adorable engagement party invitation over at Brooklyn Bride. It was made with a book the Groom at age 6 wrote about a boy meeting a girl. It is the sweetest thing I have seen in awhile for weddings! Go here to see the whole invitation.

I hope someday my sweet little one's write me some books about falling in love. I've thought about "interviewing" Jack and writing down his answers. Maybe it would something I do every year and of course Emily when she is old enough to form a complete sentence!

August 27, 2009

Sons and Fathers

Jack's size 7 & Rob's size 14

I love that Jack wants to be just like his daddy.
Not a bad choice Jack.

Fall Love

Today I felt it... FALL! It's coming and I can't wait! The beautiful colors and smells! The coolness. The need to snuggle close to your love to keep that Fall chill off.

This is from last year right before Trick or Treating. Jack wanted to jump in that pile sooo bad! He looked over at me and I just nodded my head and...

This is the result! Pure bliss!!!

They were soo happy! I was so happy snapping these pictures.

I can't wait for custom's for the kiddies.

And the adults!

August 26, 2009

My creative juices have been flowing the past couple of days! It seems like those days have been fewer and farther in between for me lately. But I have been so busy with making beautiful banners and cards.... I would love to show you a picture but I am sending one to a cousin and I don't want to ruin the surprise! So as soon as she receives it I will post them up here and in my etsy shop.

On another note, my Bachelorette party is this weekend and I cant wait to get out and have some fun. Although Rob's Bachelor party is the same night as mine, his party gives me some worries, but it will be nice to have my own distractions!

Yesterday was not a good day for me... what could become HUGE problems for our wedding arrised and it stressed me out 10-fold! Everyone assures me things will get taken care of, but I cant help being a little pessimistic.

Well, I have busy work to attend to :)
Hope everyone has a nice day and make sure to check back and see my new art that I will be posting soon.

August 24, 2009


*Saint Patrick's Day 2005*
I don't think either of us thought that we would ever see this day, a happy family with 2 beautiful children! I thank the lord everyday for bringing Rob into my life and giving my some smarts in recognizing what a wonderful person he was and is.

So, thats my best wedding march! ha! I have really tried to not blog about my quickly up-coming wedding (September 12th!). But I find that I can't resist anymore! This wedding journey has been... hmm, what are the right words? Excurciating, stressful to the point of feeling a heart attack approaching, trying. Every aspect of this wedding has changed... last night while on the phone with my sister she said "Everything and anything to do with this wedding has changed, except the groom." And she meant it. The colors have changed about 5 times, things returned and exchanged, reception locations canceled and refunded (thank God!), I now have 2 dresses (one I will wear, one I'm trying to sell!). There has been fighting, bickering, being put in the middle, and of course crying. Even with all the CRAP wedding's in genral entail I am extremely in love with Rob and can not wait to be called his wife! I have not lost sight of what this day really means and what it will mean for our family. I kinda feel like the odd ball in Rob's and myselves little family... me with the weird last name, the name that doesn't match. Jack knows his last name and when he asks daddy's last name and then mine it has to be confusing to a 2 & 1/2 year old. So, I guess to Jack, this day will mean we are ONE family... even if he doesn't know it!
I can't wait to get to the day and everyone ready and looking dapper, Rob standing at the alter waiting for me to make my little trip to him and then taking his hand and last name! It sounds like prefection to me.

And the reception... oh the reception! The final stage through our wedding journey. The fun, boogie down part of the whole planning and the whole day! I can't wait to see everyone enjoy the food, the merriment, the company and all the work!

So I guess this blog doesn't really have a purpose excpet for me to vent a little and say to all those involved: I'm sorry for all the changes, all the switch-roo's I've made, all the bickering and any heartache you have had in this process. Rob and I love you all and are so happy, elated, excited that you will be sharing this huge day with us in such a special way! Thanks!

Alice in Etsy-land

Here are a few Etsy finds for Alice in Wonderland... I feel kinda obsessed with it right now! Like the Mad Hatter said "We are all mad here!".

Story Book Cotton Tape from Lilllotta

Alice in Wonderland Lollipop Favor's from Jeanie's Sugarplum Treat's

Drink Me Pendant Charm Necklace from CuteAbility

"A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You!" from Tender Letters

August 23, 2009

Emily in Wonderland

So the other day I went to the mall with my sister, Autumn. We wandered around all the kids shop's ( Crazy 8's,Gymboree, Children's Place, and of course The Disney Store). While our excursion was merely for tights for my niece, Cecilia, we found so much more!! While we drooled over all the adorable outfits and perfectly precious dresses and baubles for our daughters, we stumbled upon all the magical Halloween custom's at the Disney store. They had Pocahontas, and of course all the other "staple" princess dresses. That's when I spotted it... the Alice in Wonderland custom!! The most adorable, the most magical dress of them all! The apron was lace with tea cups embroidered onto it and matching shoes. Now, I've been on the quest to find this sweet Halloween custom for my sweet little Emily. I found some on ebay, but SO expensive! And of course I turned to my good ole' reliable Etsy and that's were I found this gem!Ollie Girl is a little girls princess dress dream come true!!! I love it... "Happily Ever after Creation's for Everyday Princess'!" what a prefect description. And the dresses the shop creator has are the one's I, as a mom, looks for for my daughter. If you have a little girl, or a niece or a friend with a daughter or hey maybe your a princess yourself, make your way over to Ollie Girl.
Alice in Wonderland, my FAVORITE!!!! Notice the little key on the bow and all the precious details! Definitely well made!

I had to add this one, it's just so Alice!

August 22, 2009

Random Post about nothing at all!

Right now Rob is laying on the bed playing Wii and I'm sitting here bored, sleepy, blah. I accomplished a lot for the wedding. Finished all of the bouquets, boutiners ( I can not figure out how to spell this stinkin' word! ha!) , my bridesmaids gifts, started on the favors, fixed a center piece problem... to me that's a lot! I don't really have much to write about today or I should say tonight. I went shopping at Joann Fabric's for some odds and end's, I spent a little money, not much about $20, but I feel like I spent tons! Buyers remorse? I don't know why, but I just feel... uncomfortable! I don't even know why I'm typing about it!? I think I need some sleep! Good night y'all!

August 20, 2009

Paris in paper...

I am in love. Julie at Famille Summerbelle has won me over with her exquisite works. She is a Paris native/based artist. Please check out her website and blog. I only have a few pictures of her works, but there is so much more to see!
I want to get this wallpaper for Emily's room... I want to do a doll house, paper doll sorta theme.

How much fun are these paper banners? LOADS!

I want one, I want one!

Can you find the "M"?

A map of Paris. So dreamy!!

Cuyahoga County Fair

Here's a few pictures I took while we were at the fair.

i tried once to take the kids on the merry'go'round... it did not end well. So, I didn't try this time... maybe next time.

There is just something so perfect about Jack in this picture.
It was so weird, he looked right at me at the right moment! It was like he knew I was taking a picture and wanted his good side on flim! :D

August 19, 2009

This is a list of things that make my heart happy...
1. Emily's curls.
2. Jack's little budding freckles.
3.Rob singing songs to the kids and making up his own words.
4.My journal. I can be completely honest, open, mean, happy, everything and not worry about hurting any one's feelings.
5. Snow!
6. Glitter. Enough said.
7. Babies... soft, sweet, hug
gable, lovable babies!
8. My children's laughs. The sound makes my heart
melt and my soul leap! It is truly the sound of angles in heaven!
9. A clean house, a quiet house, a happy house.
10.Colored glass.
11.Holding Rob's hand.
12.Swinging at the park.
13.The conversation's I have with Jack, he's a sponge and it's amazing to see him learn.
14.Grandma's hugs... my grandma passed away a couple of years back, but I will never forget the feel of her hugs, the power of her hugs and the way her hands felt when she would hold my cheeks... I love you grandma!
16.The library... its a total treat! The kids love going, Rob loves going, I love going and to top it off its FREE!!! Can't beat it!
17.Towels right out of the dryer, fresh sheets, the windows down.
18.Church... at Christmas time especially.
19. Little kids singing.
20.Knowing that in 24 days I will be marrying the man of my dreams, the man I never thought existed, the other half of my loves duet as they say in Enchanted :)

Silly wishes

The other day we played outside with the kids... we blew bubbles. Did you ever just stare at a bubble? Beautiful. All the lovely colors in a clear globe. I wish I could be a bubble... floating and gliding so elegantly in the breeze letting it take me to where ever it leads. Having smiling faces reflected off me as children chase to pop me. And when the wind hits me just right I will float down to them and then... POP! A soap firework! Little soap splatters fly in all directions with iridescent colors. Yes, I wish I was a bubble!

Bad mom!

Lately I seem to have fallen into a "funk". I've been going in and out of said "funk" for some time now... I'm pretty sure it started after Jack was born, post-pardum depression, but I got pregnant with Emily so soon after Jack (3 months to be exact! Crazy, yes I know!) that I couldn't really "fix" the problem. It seemed to be going ok for awhile after Emily was born: a beautiful newborn who naps and has little needs, a 1 year old who still takes naps, eats what you give him, doesn't talk back (yes my 2 1/2 year old already talks back to me!) . I could accomplish so much: a clean house, laundry done & put away, a little baking, even some on-line wandering. Then... my sweet little one year old hit his terrible 2's and my precious newborn became mobile!!!! I lost it! I lost my mojo! No more clean house or clothes! Forget about baking, I could hardly put together an edible lunch! I was... well I was starting to freak out inside! Could I handle this, being a mother to 2 small children, a home maker, a wife (well soon to be!). Could I accomplish what I set out to do: Raise a beautiful healthy family who sticks together through thick and thin. I was seriously doubting my abilities to do much of anything, let alone that. So, I started reading and reading and reading. I pretty much lost myself in the world of fiction. Soon it became all I wanted to do. It's great to have a love of reading and I'm all for it, but I can honestly say it was becoming a problem! I read 4 books in 4 days! I mean that's a problem! In any case, Rob suggested I start seeing a counselor and talk to them to see if I can be "fixed" (my words!) . Well, I started seeing a counselor a couple months back and it seemed to have helped. I could understand more of where these feelings were coming from and how to deal with them. Ok so here's the problem I started running into, we are not poor but we are also not rich. With a wedding coming up, and 2 kids to buy diapers for, rent, bills, only one job... things were getting tight. So we had to cut back somewhere... sianara counselor! So it's been a bout a month and a half since I've talked to anyone about my "problems" and I've noticed my "funk" slowly creeping back over me!! How frustrating! I just want to be a good mom and wife! It's simple really I want a happy life! Not much to ask for in my opinion. Well, today while doing the dishes it occured to me " Ashleigh, you are just not waking up right!". I wake up so grumpy and have a horrible out look on the day. This is a little insight into my morning thoughts: "bathroom, I need a bathroom!", "come on guys (my kids) just let me sleep a little longer!", "do I have to feed you, cant you just find something". Well, that list could go on, but even just typing those things makes me want to cry. I really don't think I'm a bad mom, but seeing that well... I feel like crap about my mothering! So, here's my goal: Wake up happy!!! Simple enough! How to implement said goal: Well, I have no idea really! :/ I guess I'll try to not stay up so late (big problem of mine!), I definitely need to start eating better! (fatty patty!), focusing on my kids in the a.m.. I think this will start my day off to a good start! I know I have been rambling on and this doesn't have anything to do with things that make me smile or make me happy, but in a way it does. Happy mom happy family! So, I think I might start writing about my progress to self-happiness along with things that make me smile and make me happy! Hope I can find some inspiration and maybe also inspire along the way! Here's to happiness!

I've also been having a HORRIBLE time with Jack, his behavior and eating habbits are bad to say the least! So, I will bloggin about our progress with that as well. I'm sure my vibe has been rubbing off on him too :(

August 18, 2009

Music to a 3 year old

I think my son is one of the funniest people I know... well besides his father! Lately Jack has been on a kick of listening over and over and over again cd's and song's and tv show's. But the funniest thing was when we where borrowing my mom's car and of course we left all of our cd's in our car so we were left with her picks. Well, that ended up being just fine! She had a cd of Johnny Cash's hits and I'm a Cash fan so I popped it in. Little did I know that Jack would love it. I mean LOVE love it! He made me put Folsom Prison on repeat! And then Jack started saying "Hello, Im Johnny Cash."
I'm sorry, but that might very well be the cutest thing he has ever said! His favorites on the cd are, of course, Folsom Prison and "The car song." as Jack calls it.

Another cd that not just Jack loves but all of us. Is the Zac Brown Band Foundation cd. Honestly, I love this cd! It's the perfect mix of country, rock, reggea... LOVE! If your not fimilair with them you should be! Some of the kids favorites are: Chicken Fried, Mary (which both kids sing and I absolutely love it!), and my favorite is Free. Its a beautiful song and I hope someday Rob and I can do what this song is about. Rob's favorite song is S'ick 'em on a chicken! Hilarious song! Total hillbilly! :D
The other day we stopped by Rob's aunt and uncle's house (they are grammie and pappa to the kids!). Well, Rich had Jail House Rock on and as soon as the song came on both kids whipped up their heads at the TV and didn't move until it was over! I think I might need to go out and buy an Elvis cd!

Last night we had to drive out to Mentor to pick up something for the wedding. Well that's a about an hour drive one way. On the way home I could tell the kids were getting bored so I asked them if they wanted to sing some songs, of course they said yes! So I took requests! Jack asked for the ballgame song (Take me out to the ballgame...) so I sang that one about 25 times! Then they wanted the Red song (She's the red, white and blue...) sang that one about 10 times! Then the Barney song (I love you you love me) or lordy! I sang that one about 50 times! So after all that singing I made a request, I asked Jack to sing his ABC's to us... so in his best singin' voice he started.... A B C E S H K K EMILY P Q R S B U V BUBBLE-U X Y & E.
It is the best ABC's ever!
I love that my kids like the classic's! There aint nothin' worng with a little Johnny and Elvis!

August 17, 2009

Etsy Finds

I love love! So many fun and interesting items, finds, people, shops!
I was just wandering around and thought I would share some of my finds...
Maybelle's Alphabet dress from Did you make that?. I would love to get one of these for Emily! And the shop "owner" has a blog, I haven't checked it out yet but I will be heading over shortly!
I can not get enough of these little man ties! Fresh, funky, perfect! I wouldn't mind getting some of these to dress Jack up in! And I just saw that I might be getting something free for blogging about the shop! OOHH!! How exciting! I should mention that My Bella Bows sells more the ties, they have hair accessories and hats. Everything is beautiful! Also, they have a sepcial going on... for every purchase you will be entered into a giveaway. One purchase one entry... so on!
Now my Jack is a self proclaimed "Handy Manny". He loves "fixing" everything... even our not broken TV! What I love about these tools from Gulf Coast Cottage 1) you make them yourself! 2) they are soft!!! A big plus in my book! Less noise on the "work site" and no collateral damage! And this shop also has giveaways if you mention their shop on your blog!! I am hitting the jackpot tonight! It is definitely a shop worth checking out if you like do-it yourself projects! They have kits for all kinds of "stuff"! Food, robots, mermaids! :) Check out the blog too!
Ok, Lover Dovers clothing is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I mean come on you can get matching outfits for your little girl and their dolls!! I love this Alice in Wonderland dress! Perfect for Halloween or just everyday! This is on my wish-list! Check out the blog too!
This is the Riley Patchwork Party Quilt from Piece's of Pine. Beautiful quilts! They remind me of the quilts my great-grandma has made and passed out to her family member's... I have one waiting for me too! Definitely a wish-list item!

August 16, 2009


It has been soo hot the past week or so! I have been dreaming of snow and cold. And then it got me thinking of everything I wish I could have/do right now... So here's my list of wishes for the day...

I wish to look out my window and see snow... covering everything. Shiny, untouched, glistening, hanging heavy on tree branches snow!
(image from photobucket)
I wish I was snuggled up in a cozy fluffy bed with this book. I love getting lost in Catherine and Heathcliff's world. Love, hate, betrayal, longing... so much in such a small space! LOVE IT!

I wish I was wearing this from Anthropolgie. Its too cute and looks absolutely comfy!

I wish I was nibbling on some of these delicious brownies! Yummo!
(image from Flickr)

I wish I was sipping on a cup of ginger peach tea. Its so sweet you don't even need sugar!
(the tea cups are from a shop on etsy, but I have forgotten which one. If you are aware of the shop please let me know so I can give them credit for such lovely dishes!)

I wish this wasn't a wish list! But soon the snow will fall and I will take advantage of my cozy bed and grab my book, tea, and definitely that brownie!


On the note of cake's and decorating, I have to mention this book I received from my parents for Christmas this past year. I have yet to actually make anything out of it, but my sister, Chelsea, has and everything looked scrumptious! And honestly, I could just sit and look at the pages and be happy, it's such a beautiful recipe book!

Here's where you can buy the book (although, I know mine was purchased at Target.). And here's the website... they have a cupcake club and more inspiration for those who have already made it through the entire book... I really need to catch up!


This morning I woke up with a sweet tooth! So instead of indulging in high fat breakfast foods and not so breakfast foods I just drooled over my screen while looking at Bakerella's blog! She makes the yummiest, most lovely looking treats! I want her to make my next birthday cake or more specifically this cheesecake... it looks amazing!!!

A yummy butterscotch cake.
Now, why couldn't I have found these before Emily's birthday?!?!

I love this blog, she gives you the recipes and has pictures to help you out a little!
This blog is the best place for novice bakers and cake decorator's.