August 24, 2009


*Saint Patrick's Day 2005*
I don't think either of us thought that we would ever see this day, a happy family with 2 beautiful children! I thank the lord everyday for bringing Rob into my life and giving my some smarts in recognizing what a wonderful person he was and is.

So, thats my best wedding march! ha! I have really tried to not blog about my quickly up-coming wedding (September 12th!). But I find that I can't resist anymore! This wedding journey has been... hmm, what are the right words? Excurciating, stressful to the point of feeling a heart attack approaching, trying. Every aspect of this wedding has changed... last night while on the phone with my sister she said "Everything and anything to do with this wedding has changed, except the groom." And she meant it. The colors have changed about 5 times, things returned and exchanged, reception locations canceled and refunded (thank God!), I now have 2 dresses (one I will wear, one I'm trying to sell!). There has been fighting, bickering, being put in the middle, and of course crying. Even with all the CRAP wedding's in genral entail I am extremely in love with Rob and can not wait to be called his wife! I have not lost sight of what this day really means and what it will mean for our family. I kinda feel like the odd ball in Rob's and myselves little family... me with the weird last name, the name that doesn't match. Jack knows his last name and when he asks daddy's last name and then mine it has to be confusing to a 2 & 1/2 year old. So, I guess to Jack, this day will mean we are ONE family... even if he doesn't know it!
I can't wait to get to the day and everyone ready and looking dapper, Rob standing at the alter waiting for me to make my little trip to him and then taking his hand and last name! It sounds like prefection to me.

And the reception... oh the reception! The final stage through our wedding journey. The fun, boogie down part of the whole planning and the whole day! I can't wait to see everyone enjoy the food, the merriment, the company and all the work!

So I guess this blog doesn't really have a purpose excpet for me to vent a little and say to all those involved: I'm sorry for all the changes, all the switch-roo's I've made, all the bickering and any heartache you have had in this process. Rob and I love you all and are so happy, elated, excited that you will be sharing this huge day with us in such a special way! Thanks!

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