August 19, 2009

This is a list of things that make my heart happy...
1. Emily's curls.
2. Jack's little budding freckles.
3.Rob singing songs to the kids and making up his own words.
4.My journal. I can be completely honest, open, mean, happy, everything and not worry about hurting any one's feelings.
5. Snow!
6. Glitter. Enough said.
7. Babies... soft, sweet, hug
gable, lovable babies!
8. My children's laughs. The sound makes my heart
melt and my soul leap! It is truly the sound of angles in heaven!
9. A clean house, a quiet house, a happy house.
10.Colored glass.
11.Holding Rob's hand.
12.Swinging at the park.
13.The conversation's I have with Jack, he's a sponge and it's amazing to see him learn.
14.Grandma's hugs... my grandma passed away a couple of years back, but I will never forget the feel of her hugs, the power of her hugs and the way her hands felt when she would hold my cheeks... I love you grandma!
16.The library... its a total treat! The kids love going, Rob loves going, I love going and to top it off its FREE!!! Can't beat it!
17.Towels right out of the dryer, fresh sheets, the windows down.
18.Church... at Christmas time especially.
19. Little kids singing.
20.Knowing that in 24 days I will be marrying the man of my dreams, the man I never thought existed, the other half of my loves duet as they say in Enchanted :)

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