August 18, 2009

Music to a 3 year old

I think my son is one of the funniest people I know... well besides his father! Lately Jack has been on a kick of listening over and over and over again cd's and song's and tv show's. But the funniest thing was when we where borrowing my mom's car and of course we left all of our cd's in our car so we were left with her picks. Well, that ended up being just fine! She had a cd of Johnny Cash's hits and I'm a Cash fan so I popped it in. Little did I know that Jack would love it. I mean LOVE love it! He made me put Folsom Prison on repeat! And then Jack started saying "Hello, Im Johnny Cash."
I'm sorry, but that might very well be the cutest thing he has ever said! His favorites on the cd are, of course, Folsom Prison and "The car song." as Jack calls it.

Another cd that not just Jack loves but all of us. Is the Zac Brown Band Foundation cd. Honestly, I love this cd! It's the perfect mix of country, rock, reggea... LOVE! If your not fimilair with them you should be! Some of the kids favorites are: Chicken Fried, Mary (which both kids sing and I absolutely love it!), and my favorite is Free. Its a beautiful song and I hope someday Rob and I can do what this song is about. Rob's favorite song is S'ick 'em on a chicken! Hilarious song! Total hillbilly! :D
The other day we stopped by Rob's aunt and uncle's house (they are grammie and pappa to the kids!). Well, Rich had Jail House Rock on and as soon as the song came on both kids whipped up their heads at the TV and didn't move until it was over! I think I might need to go out and buy an Elvis cd!

Last night we had to drive out to Mentor to pick up something for the wedding. Well that's a about an hour drive one way. On the way home I could tell the kids were getting bored so I asked them if they wanted to sing some songs, of course they said yes! So I took requests! Jack asked for the ballgame song (Take me out to the ballgame...) so I sang that one about 25 times! Then they wanted the Red song (She's the red, white and blue...) sang that one about 10 times! Then the Barney song (I love you you love me) or lordy! I sang that one about 50 times! So after all that singing I made a request, I asked Jack to sing his ABC's to us... so in his best singin' voice he started.... A B C E S H K K EMILY P Q R S B U V BUBBLE-U X Y & E.
It is the best ABC's ever!
I love that my kids like the classic's! There aint nothin' worng with a little Johnny and Elvis!

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