August 17, 2009

Etsy Finds

I love love! So many fun and interesting items, finds, people, shops!
I was just wandering around and thought I would share some of my finds...
Maybelle's Alphabet dress from Did you make that?. I would love to get one of these for Emily! And the shop "owner" has a blog, I haven't checked it out yet but I will be heading over shortly!
I can not get enough of these little man ties! Fresh, funky, perfect! I wouldn't mind getting some of these to dress Jack up in! And I just saw that I might be getting something free for blogging about the shop! OOHH!! How exciting! I should mention that My Bella Bows sells more the ties, they have hair accessories and hats. Everything is beautiful! Also, they have a sepcial going on... for every purchase you will be entered into a giveaway. One purchase one entry... so on!
Now my Jack is a self proclaimed "Handy Manny". He loves "fixing" everything... even our not broken TV! What I love about these tools from Gulf Coast Cottage 1) you make them yourself! 2) they are soft!!! A big plus in my book! Less noise on the "work site" and no collateral damage! And this shop also has giveaways if you mention their shop on your blog!! I am hitting the jackpot tonight! It is definitely a shop worth checking out if you like do-it yourself projects! They have kits for all kinds of "stuff"! Food, robots, mermaids! :) Check out the blog too!
Ok, Lover Dovers clothing is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I mean come on you can get matching outfits for your little girl and their dolls!! I love this Alice in Wonderland dress! Perfect for Halloween or just everyday! This is on my wish-list! Check out the blog too!
This is the Riley Patchwork Party Quilt from Piece's of Pine. Beautiful quilts! They remind me of the quilts my great-grandma has made and passed out to her family member's... I have one waiting for me too! Definitely a wish-list item!


Rose Red said...

Great finds! I love etsy, there are so many great treasures just waiting to be discovered.

ashleigh said...

I can get lost there! Thanks for the first comment!

jasmine said...

those are some super cute etsy finds! i love those ties. they're darling. i wish i had a little one to buy some for! :)

i must say - usually, music that automatically plays on a blog kinda bugs me, but i'm really liking this song you've got on here! i had never heard of slow club before! thanks. :)

ashleigh said...

Im glad you like the etsy finds and the music! I love Slow Club!