August 23, 2009

Emily in Wonderland

So the other day I went to the mall with my sister, Autumn. We wandered around all the kids shop's ( Crazy 8's,Gymboree, Children's Place, and of course The Disney Store). While our excursion was merely for tights for my niece, Cecilia, we found so much more!! While we drooled over all the adorable outfits and perfectly precious dresses and baubles for our daughters, we stumbled upon all the magical Halloween custom's at the Disney store. They had Pocahontas, and of course all the other "staple" princess dresses. That's when I spotted it... the Alice in Wonderland custom!! The most adorable, the most magical dress of them all! The apron was lace with tea cups embroidered onto it and matching shoes. Now, I've been on the quest to find this sweet Halloween custom for my sweet little Emily. I found some on ebay, but SO expensive! And of course I turned to my good ole' reliable Etsy and that's were I found this gem!Ollie Girl is a little girls princess dress dream come true!!! I love it... "Happily Ever after Creation's for Everyday Princess'!" what a prefect description. And the dresses the shop creator has are the one's I, as a mom, looks for for my daughter. If you have a little girl, or a niece or a friend with a daughter or hey maybe your a princess yourself, make your way over to Ollie Girl.
Alice in Wonderland, my FAVORITE!!!! Notice the little key on the bow and all the precious details! Definitely well made!

I had to add this one, it's just so Alice!

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