July 31, 2010

got me a hair cut...

more pics and words later!
AAHHH sweet Internet! 
I have been going through withdraw! 
The charger for my lap top broke so I couldn't use that at home. Then state was here for the state survey so of course I had to actually work! {UGH!} And then today I get to work late {BAD CHOICE!} to find out that the power was out... like completely out!! It didn't come back on till about 20 mins ago! And my phone was completely dead because I didn't charge it last night. 
But the good news is the power  came back on at work so I'm charging my phone and I can get online as well. AND the charger for my laptop came in the mail! 
So this is just a short post saying I will be posting more later! 

July 24, 2010

I just ordered this dress online from Forever 21 for a friends wedding in October. 
I seriously can not wait to get this in the mail!!
I really really REALLY hope it's fits good, I've never gotten anything from the store and aren't so sure about sizing and fit. But there was free shipping and I had to take the chance. I also got a shirt (lower in the post). The shirt is a size bigger so I can see which is a better size. Ok, well this is a random blah blah blah post.

July 23, 2010

Here's today's outfit... no time to really write anything! 
But tomorrows the weekend... HURRAY!!
 More then!

July 22, 2010

My Loves!


I just found the most awesome website... Goodreads.com
I am in love and it's my new favorite site!
Im slowly adding books... I did a few to see how it worked and to add the widget to my blog! 
So if you have suggestions or take suggestions from my GOOD READS let me know!!! 

I walk the line....

I feel like a female Johnny Cash today! And to me... that's pretty awesome! Johnny Cash rocks!!

Don't you just love the messy bedroom as my backdrop!?! I know it really finishes the picture so nicely! 

AW... and here's my sweet mug :) 
Sorry no outfit post yesterday... it wasn't a good day. But today seems better and hey if all else fails I'll just start acting like Johnny Cash too!!! 
Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

Dress-Liz Lange, Target... yes it's a maternity dress... no I'm not pregnant! But it's just sooo comfy!
Sweater-Walmart. You as "Why, Ashleigh, would you be wearing a sweater in the middle of the summer?" Well dear blog reader I have to wear a sweater or I will get written up at work. Load a crap is what I say!
Belt-was lost and now found, praise sweet baby Jesus! Gifted!
Necklace & Shoes- Target... leaves & animal print... possibly a fashion faux pas?!

July 20, 2010

Well, it's back to work for me :(
I can't wait for this weekend to roll around!!!!
I don't have much to say today... 
I think it's incredibly awesome that I have 25 followers! 
25 people think I'm cool enough to follow! LOL!
Thanks to those 25 you are all awesome!!! 

Earrings-Lia Sophia
Shirt-Old Navy

July 19, 2010

Well today is my day off! But I didn't sit around.. oh no! I cleaned my daughters bedroom {where I take my photos}. So I cleaned her room, laid her down for a nap, checked on her, she did not nap and her room was a mess!!! Why bother?!?!!?
But my sister in law has saved me! She is watching both the kids so I can go to Canton {an hour and a half away} to go dress shopping with my friend for her wedding!!!
Shirt -{top tank} Old Navy
{bottom tank} Target
Skirt- Kohl's
Flip flops-gift
Messy room maker and picture intruder-Emily!!!

July 18, 2010

I really wish I could figure out how to post more then one picture from flickr at a time! But until then you'll just have to see each photo on separate posts!!!

Button shirt-from my mom
Belt-my husbands! I couldnt find mine!!
Name Tag- courtesy of COCC

July 17, 2010

So I had such a hard time getting dressed this morning!!! I couldn't decide what to wear and once I had an idea I went back and forth between leggings no leggings!!! So now I'm sitting at work looking at this picture (yea, I know I'm supposed to be working!) thinking I should have worn the leggings!! Oh well!
OK, I have discovered Faith 21... its a plus size extension of Forever 21!!!! I was sooooooooo pumped to find this store!!! My husband told me I can order a few pieces next week or the week after... but I really want to get a tattoo soon so I might hold off... even though I drool every time I look at all the clothing!!
OK... well I guess I have to work :(
Dress- is actually NOT a dress!!! Its a swim cover!! LOL! But it looks close enough to a dress and no one said anything about it! I dont remember where I got it.

July 16, 2010

So,  I feel like a bad blogger! I haven't really written anything with my picture posts. But to my defense I've been bogged down with work and the house and family! Even now I'm kinda at a loss of what to write... 
Well, I've been doing pretty good with my outfit posts. I feel like my style is improving... slightly! 
I am trying... really I am. I just cant shake the mom/old-hag/frump feeling! Plus my lack of a fashion budget doesn't really allow for me to build a wardrobe. Oh well... time! Its all I need! And also... I've been thinking about losing some weight!!!!!! I really need to for healthy reasons, but the reason I want to is so I can wear the clothes I like and feel good in them! LOL! I'm not vain at all!!!! hahah! Oh well!
What else...?
Oh, the 30 day Challenge is over :( The challenge is over but I haven't finished all the pages yet! Of course I haven't! Me on time... never!!! But I really loved this project and plan on continuing journaling like this! 
And if anyone is a reader... do you have any book suggestions for me the summer? I like mostly fiction. 
Well, I guess that's about it for now... I'm hoping to be able to write more tomorrow. And if anyone knows how to post more then 1 photo to a post from flickr please let me know how!! 

Does anyone know how to post more then 1 picture from flickr to your blog at a time?
Heres my outfit for Thursday.
Shirt- Walmart
Short-cut off jeans

Friday!!!!!!!!!! To bad I have to work this weekend :(

Tank- Old Navy
Feather Necklace- Target

July 15, 2010

So yea I wore this dress already! But it's sooo comfy! Today I didn't wear the belt like before though.
Im planning a big post later in the day when the kids are napping and I have a chance to hear myself think!

July 13, 2010

Why is it that I cant catch up, stay on time or even just make it on time?!?! More later!
Shirt- Old Navy
Shorts- Kolhs
Sweater {in my hand}-Walmart

July 12, 2010

Came in late to work because the fair wore me out!!! Here's my outfit for today. Im really bad at writing lately... Im gonna try to find time to do a really good post soon!!! I promise!

Shirt- Target

July 11, 2010

So we are going to Brookpark Homedays!! Cant wait! Hopefully I'll have more pics! Write more later!
Shirt-Lane Bryant
Shorts {jeans I cut into shorts}-Lane Bryant
Shoes-I dont know... they were my moms that she gave me.

July 9, 2010

Today's dress down day at work so I wore my new skirt from Kolhs and the shirts from Walmart. And the shoes are from Target.

July 8, 2010


Well, I kinda slacked a little with outfit posts or any posts for that. I was off Monday and Tuesday and had tons of problems! Our plumbing wasn't working so we couldn't do laundry or even dishes! We ended up staying at my moms one night... the most awful night of sleep ever!! But it's all fixed and we are sleeping in our own beds!! YAY!
So here's my outfit for today! I got this cute dress from Target! My favorite store on EARTH! heheh... so favorite I was even at Target when my water broke with my daughter! Thats another post though!
Hope everyone has a great day! Its almost the weekend!!!! YAY!

July 5, 2010

Sunday's work outfit.... comfy!!!

July 3, 2010

When I went home for lunch I did a quick outfit photo... its blurry bad and hurried! I'm not really comfy in my outfit today. The skirts to tight and the pockets keep poking out. Anyways, the skirts from Target like 2 or 3 years ago, shirt Old Navy, name tag courtesy of CCOC and my sun glasses on top of my head were 78 cents from Marcs!
So... I forgot to take a daily outfit photo, oopps! 
I started a flickr I don't even think a week ago and I'm OBSESSED!! 
Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome it is?!!? 
I'm bored at work today... even though I have tons to do.
I really really REALLY want to see Eclipse...but I'm waiting patiently because my husband is gonna take me on a date night to see it... I'm wondering if he knows how badly I really want to see this movie ASAP!
Tonight we are going to an annual July party... ever since we had kids it's just not the same. I feel old when I go! And every year the kids get younger and younger! Im not a fan of teenagers! LOL! They annoy me most of the time... even though I was one not that long ago! 
This post is completely random... sorry!
Hello!!! I didn't even notice that my last post was my 100th blog post!!!! 
Here's to a 100 more!

July 2, 2010





I am doing so well with this daily outfit posting!!! My outfit today is a little more professional... we have a Memorial Service today so I wanted to keep it ... I dont... professional! Shirt is from Target, belt borrowed, pants Lane Bryant, cheetah print shoes from Target.

In other news... my house smells! Gross! Not because I dont clean, I do! But because we are having plumbing problems!!! Im soo mad about it! Hopefully today the plumbers come out and fix it before I have what it making our house smell awful in my house!!!!!! And I think we all might know what that it!!!!! :(

July 1, 2010

Here's another one... no work today!!! But I have to take my son to the doctors to check out his tummy... he's been having problems. :( But that's another post! My outfit today is comfy!! Tank from Old Navy, Shorts from Kolhs and my sandals I got from Payless last year.

Now I have to say Im sooo sorry for being soo lazy and not doing my journal pages for the 30 Day Challenge... Ive been sick and my kids were sick, and works been insane!!! And the house looks like a tornado hit!!! But I do plan on catching up today!!!