July 16, 2010

So,  I feel like a bad blogger! I haven't really written anything with my picture posts. But to my defense I've been bogged down with work and the house and family! Even now I'm kinda at a loss of what to write... 
Well, I've been doing pretty good with my outfit posts. I feel like my style is improving... slightly! 
I am trying... really I am. I just cant shake the mom/old-hag/frump feeling! Plus my lack of a fashion budget doesn't really allow for me to build a wardrobe. Oh well... time! Its all I need! And also... I've been thinking about losing some weight!!!!!! I really need to for healthy reasons, but the reason I want to is so I can wear the clothes I like and feel good in them! LOL! I'm not vain at all!!!! hahah! Oh well!
What else...?
Oh, the 30 day Challenge is over :( The challenge is over but I haven't finished all the pages yet! Of course I haven't! Me on time... never!!! But I really loved this project and plan on continuing journaling like this! 
And if anyone is a reader... do you have any book suggestions for me the summer? I like mostly fiction. 
Well, I guess that's about it for now... I'm hoping to be able to write more tomorrow. And if anyone knows how to post more then 1 photo to a post from flickr please let me know how!! 

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