July 3, 2010

So... I forgot to take a daily outfit photo, oopps! 
I started a flickr I don't even think a week ago and I'm OBSESSED!! 
Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome it is?!!? 
I'm bored at work today... even though I have tons to do.
I really really REALLY want to see Eclipse...but I'm waiting patiently because my husband is gonna take me on a date night to see it... I'm wondering if he knows how badly I really want to see this movie ASAP!
Tonight we are going to an annual July party... ever since we had kids it's just not the same. I feel old when I go! And every year the kids get younger and younger! Im not a fan of teenagers! LOL! They annoy me most of the time... even though I was one not that long ago! 
This post is completely random... sorry!

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