August 31, 2010

Sorry I haven't been posting very well lately. I've been keeping busy!
I made this FAKE terrarium from dollar store items!!!
Sorry its not a great picture but I absolutely love this thing!


I have been baking a lot as well!
Someone asked for the apple caramel cake recipe... I will post it....
I didn't like it at all!!!!
It wasn't what I thought it would be... 
you will see!

Today I've been reorganizing my craft nook... and when that happens I usually end up crafting in the process! 
Here's my cute little owl made out of one of those thin wood $1 finds from Joann's.
It had an owl printed on it that you color in...
well I tried that and didn't like it.
So I painted it brown and then used some vintage clip on earrings as the eyes and piece of fabric for the mouth and recycled paper for the belly detail.
Added a little ribbon to the top and voila! 

Ive been a busy little crafter/decorator today!
I hung these cute little bird houses that I painted and attached ribbon too.
I think I will add more later. 
What do you think?

So you see Ive been busy....
Spending family time!


On another note...
I'm thinking of opening up an Etsy shop.
I will have an array of different items...
some of my illustration's, different crafts, maybe those fake terrariums...
what do you think? I would really LOVE some feed back!!
On older posts I have pics of my drawings... take a look and tell me if you think I could sell them!!!

August 28, 2010

The kids and I went to downtown Cleveland with our cousin, Samantha, the other day.
We had soo much fun!!

Today we had a mini yard sale on the block street sale at Rob's aunts house. AND, I got some pretty awesome finds!! I'll share some pictures of them later, but I'm sunburned and sleepy!!
Nighty night!

August 27, 2010

Making 2 loaves of zucchini bread and an 
apple caramel cake at
12am was a bad idea.....

But breakfast will be yummy.

August 26, 2010

Remember the post about a week ago with all the pom poms and the mess...
 well here is what we made them for!
My friend Erica had her bridal shower over the weekend and it turned out soo nice!
I helped her hang all the pom poms and lanterns and do a few other decor things.

Candy bar for favors... YUM!

Center pieces.... adorable!
They also played a cute game with celebrity couples pictures... but I didn't take a pic of that.

Mimosa table!! Too bad I don't drink.

Dessert buffet... they had a food buffet as well, but I was to busy taking a picture of this to think about food!

My candy box!


Warning.... possibly the best part of her shower was that it was a community Rec center and there were swimmers out by the pool....


The shower was so nice and fun! 
I cant wait for the wedding!!

In other news my sister, Autumn, and her boyfriend, Dan, got engaged the other night!
I'm sooo excited to help wedding plan! 
I've already bombarded her with ideas!!!

We went to a local Splash Park (which was free! SCORE!)

It was so nice for the kids!!

Jack was not shy and made his way fearlessly out onto the splash pad

While Emily was a little nervous and timid

Jack helped her...

and fun was had by all!!

Warning next images insanely cute!!!!


Love her little hands and sweet disposition!

August 25, 2010

Here' what I wore on my last day of work!!
I feel badly how it ended but I don't regret it!! 
I am soo much happier being with my kids!!

My cute necklace I wore with Fridays outfit.
Shoes & Top & Necklace- F21
Jeans-Lane Bryant

Hanging out at my moms
Jeans-same as the day before! I really wore these a lot this week!!

I have my outfits mixed up! This one was Thursdays outfit.
Oh well! 
I love this new tank!!
Necklace& Tank-F21
Under tank-Target
Flops-from my mom

Cute detail of my necklace!!!
LOVE it!!!!!
(and no my chest isn't hairy! But my head does shed!)

I already have this pic posted but its the only pic I got of my outfit.
This is when we went to our aunts garden!!
One of the best days I had in a long time!!
Top-TJMaxx $3!!
Under tank-Target $3!!! 
Jeans- same old same old
flops-from my mom

I wore this to my friends bridal shower.
I love this dress!!!!!!!
And it so comfy!
Dress-F21(Faith 21 collection)
Shoes & Necklace-Target

Close up!

First day back being a SAHM
Went for comfort!
I like this dress, especially because I got it for FREE! But I wore it without a tank under it and well my "girls" NEED a tank under it!!! 
Dress-From a friend, Old Navy off EBay

Splash Park!
It was soo much fun! 
I'll post pics of our adventure later.
Shirt-Old Navy
Flops- Mom
Hair went into a pony tail soon after this pic!

Well here is what I wore!
This is so much fun!!! I'm so happy The Pleated Poppy is doing this!

August 23, 2010

First day back to being a SAHM!
Accomplished... not much!!! 
I guess I should go do the dishes before my hubby gets home... 
earn my keep and all!

August 21, 2010

The kids with all the goodies!

Me and the kids walking out to the garden.

They ran around the garden like it was the coolest thing in the world!

I love this picture of Emily, she looks sleepy and dreamy and beautiful!

Jack was so pumped about the tractor!

A horrible picture of me... but I had soo much fun today I don't care what I look like! 
I felt like a kid again!
Eating veggies picked right off the vine... cant get any better then that!

Emily, Ella and Jack!
Ella is the kids second cousin.

All our loot! 
We are definitely planning to help out with the land and even take part in planting some things in the garden in our own little section next season!! 
Cant wait!!!


On a side note... I quit my job!
Things got pretty bad and just couldn't take it any more!
I'm so excited to be able to be home! 
I have BIG plans!!! 

I helped my friend make pom poms for her bridal shower coming this Sunday. 
And here is the aftermath of said pom pom making...

The kids had a blast trailing it around the entire house! 
And it's all still laying around because we are off to the country to pick veggies on my husbands aunts land!
Hope you all have a great day!

August 19, 2010

First up are a few of my garage sale finds!!

Such a cute blue-ish Ball Jar

ADORABLE clock!!! 50cents!! Its a Heiss, which my dad said are pretty god clocks, although this one doesn't work. I just love it!!!I plan on hanging it up in the hallway.

A cute vintage mirror for $4! I'm going to be changing my daughters room soon and this will look great with the dresser we have to put in there.

OK! Over at Run with Scissors they have been doing a House Tour and well... I'm behind! Surprise surprise! 
So here's me trying to catch up!

Living room:

view from kitchen

above the couch... these pic are so old I need to take new ones!

I LOVE this painting! My husband got this for me for Valentines day!

1 of 2 shelves... this one has some beaded flowers my sister made for me, a cute little Buddha (my husband love Buddha!) , and an embroidered bookmark that my grandma made that says "I Love Books".

Shelf  #2: Little plate that my mom got for me, says "Home is where mom is." My mom also got me the little 


Little art collection! Rob got me the top left canvas years ago, my kids painted the 2 in the middle (they are more colorful, but I took these pics with my phone and its about 12 am!), I made the top right and very bottom pics, the longer plaque was a gift at our wedding, the bigger one we got at Bed Bath and Beyond.

All our books!! Leaf picture was my grandmas.

See that lantern? We also got that garage sale-ing. 


There's really nothing to show!!