August 25, 2010

Here' what I wore on my last day of work!!
I feel badly how it ended but I don't regret it!! 
I am soo much happier being with my kids!!

My cute necklace I wore with Fridays outfit.
Shoes & Top & Necklace- F21
Jeans-Lane Bryant

Hanging out at my moms
Jeans-same as the day before! I really wore these a lot this week!!

I have my outfits mixed up! This one was Thursdays outfit.
Oh well! 
I love this new tank!!
Necklace& Tank-F21
Under tank-Target
Flops-from my mom

Cute detail of my necklace!!!
LOVE it!!!!!
(and no my chest isn't hairy! But my head does shed!)

I already have this pic posted but its the only pic I got of my outfit.
This is when we went to our aunts garden!!
One of the best days I had in a long time!!
Top-TJMaxx $3!!
Under tank-Target $3!!! 
Jeans- same old same old
flops-from my mom

I wore this to my friends bridal shower.
I love this dress!!!!!!!
And it so comfy!
Dress-F21(Faith 21 collection)
Shoes & Necklace-Target

Close up!

First day back being a SAHM
Went for comfort!
I like this dress, especially because I got it for FREE! But I wore it without a tank under it and well my "girls" NEED a tank under it!!! 
Dress-From a friend, Old Navy off EBay

Splash Park!
It was soo much fun! 
I'll post pics of our adventure later.
Shirt-Old Navy
Flops- Mom
Hair went into a pony tail soon after this pic!

Well here is what I wore!
This is so much fun!!! I'm so happy The Pleated Poppy is doing this!


Beth said...

welcome back to SAHM! love all the necklaces and outfits...cute!

posidanielle said...

Hey pretty lady! I love that cardi and top in your first outfit! its so cute!
And i see no problem with wearing the same jeans multiple times. i do it also. Only because I normally only wear them for a short while each time I wear them. Plus, jeans are too expensive not to wear multiple times.


Mitz said...

You have some fun necklaces there, very cute!

Heidi said...

Love the red and white dress. Cute!

Signe said...

Adore both the owl and the deer necklace :)

ashleigh said...

Thanks guys!