August 14, 2010

Sorry this picture is so blurry, but I had to share it! There's my daughter, my best friend (she pinky promised!) 
She's grumpy so we are making sad faces. 
My kids and I both have been having a hard time with me going to work. Don't get me wrong I like to help with the money (even though if you read my last post you see I probably cause more trouble then help) and getting out of the house with adults is nice too. But more and more and more often its becoming harder to leave my babies. They don't like and I don't like it. 
So (hopefully! fingers crossed!) I will be quiting my job for either a very small part time position or just staying home again. I miss being a stay at home mommy. The house was clean, laundry put away, kids happy and always learning something. Right now the house is NEVER clean (seriously! never clean!) laundry is never done ( I don't even know where tomorrows pair of under wear are gonna come from... its that bad!!!) when I get home I'm to tired or stressed to sit down and be able to stay clam and collected to teach my kids something ( that sounds awful as I type it, but I'm trying to be honest) I feel like my life is: wake up, shower, get ready for work in a hurry, wake kids up, get kids ready to go to my moms for the day in a hurry, usually forgetting my lunch or to eat breakfast, get to work, hate work all day long (that's an entirely different post!), go home, try to have energy to clean, husband makes dinner (thank God he likes to cook!!!), get kids ready for bed, mindless Internet time, go to bed and get ready to do it all over again. See nothing productive, enjoyable or enlightening in that kind of day!!! So I'm hoping that things work out (soon!) so that I will be able to stay home full time with the kiddos. 
Moving on!! I wore this on Friday to work. 

Skirt/ Shoes/ Tank-Target
Shirt- TJMaxx.... $3!!!! 


So its Saturday and I'm at work... 
I want to cry! 
But here's the best pic I can give you of my out fit.
I kept it simple today.

Tank- Lane Bryant

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