July 17, 2010

So I had such a hard time getting dressed this morning!!! I couldn't decide what to wear and once I had an idea I went back and forth between leggings no leggings!!! So now I'm sitting at work looking at this picture (yea, I know I'm supposed to be working!) thinking I should have worn the leggings!! Oh well!
OK, I have discovered Faith 21... its a plus size extension of Forever 21!!!! I was sooooooooo pumped to find this store!!! My husband told me I can order a few pieces next week or the week after... but I really want to get a tattoo soon so I might hold off... even though I drool every time I look at all the clothing!!
OK... well I guess I have to work :(
Dress- is actually NOT a dress!!! Its a swim cover!! LOL! But it looks close enough to a dress and no one said anything about it! I dont remember where I got it.

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