August 16, 2009


It has been soo hot the past week or so! I have been dreaming of snow and cold. And then it got me thinking of everything I wish I could have/do right now... So here's my list of wishes for the day...

I wish to look out my window and see snow... covering everything. Shiny, untouched, glistening, hanging heavy on tree branches snow!
(image from photobucket)
I wish I was snuggled up in a cozy fluffy bed with this book. I love getting lost in Catherine and Heathcliff's world. Love, hate, betrayal, longing... so much in such a small space! LOVE IT!

I wish I was wearing this from Anthropolgie. Its too cute and looks absolutely comfy!

I wish I was nibbling on some of these delicious brownies! Yummo!
(image from Flickr)

I wish I was sipping on a cup of ginger peach tea. Its so sweet you don't even need sugar!
(the tea cups are from a shop on etsy, but I have forgotten which one. If you are aware of the shop please let me know so I can give them credit for such lovely dishes!)

I wish this wasn't a wish list! But soon the snow will fall and I will take advantage of my cozy bed and grab my book, tea, and definitely that brownie!

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