August 14, 2009


So I have decided to jump on the blogging band wagon! I think this blog will be mostly post of things that make me smile and make me happy, hence the title! I will share things in my daily life that make me smile and happy and also things I find on other blogs and sites I frequent! I can't wait to see if I make any new friends and see if I can inspire anyone else to smile and be happy!
This picture is of my son, Jack. My fiance, Rob, took this at our wedding shower. The kids all played in the kiddie pool while the adults laughed, talked and relaxed! There are alot of pictures but this one caught my eye!

I took this picture at Grand Pacific Junction. If you live in the Olmsted Falls area this is the cutest, quiantest place to visit! Its a little village of shops filled with art and crafts made by local artists. There is even an icecream shop with the most delicious treats! Here is the link.

And the last picture is one I took of my daugther, Emily. This is her with the new dolly grandma gave her! She absoultely loves this doll! We named her Lucy, after much debate. I hope that Emily keeps Lucy for her maybe daughter(s) and graddautgher(s)!! I love passing things on!

So this is my first post... we'll see how it goes from here!

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