September 29, 2009

singin' in the rain

It's been rainy and completely FALL!
So, being the cool mom I am (HA!), I geared up the kiddies with rain boots and warm clothes and we went puddle jumpin'!!!!!
Emily fell, A LOT, she's like me... my nickname growing up was Crashleigh.
Jack was jumping so high and was having a blast!
I had to trick them into this picture. It's near impossible to get one of them together.
I asked each of them to pick out a leaf they liked...
My dear sweet Emily always picks the brown dead ones or the big bulky ones... she can find the beauty in everything... that makes me happy.

I started a new job today. It broke my heart to leave the kids today. The other day we ( the kids, hubby and I) sat and made some pictures to hang in my office... I'll take some pictures of them and post them, they are perfect and will make me smile every time I look at them.

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