September 2, 2009

licensed to wed

Today Rob and I, with the kids, went and got our marriage license. First off, I woke up feeling like crap! So I kept having to stop at every rest room we passed (tmi!), we parked so far from the Court House, every person down town decided that we looked like a friendly lets stop them and talk family because everyone did! We finally made it to the Court House after going to the wrong building (because Rob thought it was in a different place then where I told him it was!), we had to pick up and carry our children in their stroller up about 25 steps so we were a little sweaty cause we are fat and lazy( and that wasn't light! The kids a piece are over 30 lbs, and the stroller is about 40 lbs!) , we made it in and got the the desk and that's when i remembered I left my drivers license in the car! The only ID I had with my picture on it was my Sam's Club card, Rob's drivers license is invalid, the kids were screaming and beating each other up, i almost lost my bag trying to get papers out of it... we were a HOT MESS! I wonder what the ladies were thinking watching us! At least its a story we will never forget!
So what have we learned, you CAN get a marriage license with a Sam's Club card, an invalid drivers license and out of control kids! Good to know, right!?

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