September 2, 2009

Blessing reminders

Sometimes I forget how truely blessed I am.
But then God sneaks in a little reminder for me.
Today it was looking through old pictures and finding this one.
This was our new family... new meaning we just added a forth member!
The picture was taken just hours after Emily was born.
Soon Jack will be 3 and Emily will be 2, in 10 days Rob and I will be married, Rob will be turning 30 this year. And I can't even begin to mention all the little things that fill my days that God helps remind me of the blessings He's given me.
Here's a few things that reminded me today:
-Jack telling me I gave him poisonous eggs! (which I didn't!)-
-Emily giving me a big squeeze and grunting like she hugged the life out of me-
-Cecilia asking me to read her the book I got her-
-Rob telling me "Friends come and go, but you, you and the kids are FOREVER!"-
-Finding a moments piece to just sit and think... think about them, my blessings!-

What did God bless you with?

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