September 14, 2010

So I have a question to ask any moms out there...
My son (who will turning 4 on November 8th)
He has been bringing up
He keeps asking my husband and myself about dying...
him dying
us dying
he's serious about this!
He's FOUR!!!
I don't know how to feel about this... if its a natural question to ask at 4 years old?
We tell him that everyone dies that Gods needs you with him at a point in time.
We tell him that when we die he will be older and have a family of his own...we feel he worries that he will be left all along.
That when he dies he will be old.
OK... I'm very emotional about this, how do you feel when your son comes to you and says he doesn't want to die crying?!!? I try not to cry and scare him!
I feel sadden and worried that my little boy is soo worried about dying when he's biggest worry should be nap time!
Its also kinda scary to think he thinks about this... like he knows something we don't know... that's was harder to type then anything!!! 
I pray to God every day! 
I pray for my family and myself.
I pray I am strong enough to help my son through this... whatever it is. 
If there are any parents out there that have ANY advice I would greatly appreciate it!!


Corinne said...

It is SO hard to figure out what is age appropriate and what's over their heads. I try to give the simplest answers... and it sounds like you've done a good job! Hang in there :)

Lola Skw said...

Hi! This is Lola from Germany - I studied Psychology and paedagogics at University. I can assure you that it is completely normal for kids to think about death, and that if your son begins to ask these questions at such an early age it shows that 1. he is a very intelligent boy and 2. maybe he encountered some scene with a dead animal or the like that made him think... Please do not fear his questions, but just ask some questions as to what he imagines and just keep on reassuring him that he will not drop dead and that you will not drop dead and that if someday death comes to anyone in your family, God will help you all and comfort you. Hugs, Lola