September 16, 2010

I just bought the 
Deceptively Delicious 
cookbook by
Jessica Sienfeld.

{I bought my copy at 5 Below for $5!!! Way better deal then $20!}

I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm pretty excited to try it out!
Emily is a pretty good eater, although she doe shy away from veggies.
Jack is a HORRIBLE eater!!! He only really eats chicken nuggets, cheese and bread!
He just recently started eating baby carrots with ranch dip!
That was a huge step!!

I have big hopes for this book!!
She also has a website if anyone is interested in checking it out {click here}

Has any one tried any recipes or had any experience with this book or technique of cooking?
If so.... PLEASE let me know!


Mandy said...

I have heard about this cookbook. Let me know what you think about it!

posidanielle said...

I need to check this book out! Evangelina is kind of a picky eater. She only likes things that are sweet haha. Go figure, a sweet-aholic like her daddy. But the good thing is that she likes most fruits!

please let me know how this book is!