September 12, 2010

Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary!!!

We got a card at our wedding shower from one of Robs cousin who is about 14
in the card he wrote 
"Rob farts Ashleigh laughs!"
Maybe the secret to a happy marriage is .... farting?
We laugh soo much!!!
I love my husband.
He is a big bear that LOVES with his whole heart!!!

He loves making everyone laugh!!! 
He's the strongest man I know...emotionally and physically!
I think he's pretty cute :)
And we go together like
peas and carrots
cake and frosting...
we are fat... we like to eat! 
I love that he makes me chicken wings at 12am the day of my birthday 
because he knows I LOVE them! 
And then laughed at me when I got BBQ sauce everywhere!

I never knew this big ol softy would be my world!!!
That he would give me two of the most wonderful children any mom could ever want!
We have cried and laughed.
We have loved and been  mad.
We have struggled and been slightly above struggling (hahah!)
We have done everything together since the day we met (pretty much!)
And I plan on doing everything for the rest of our lives together.
We will always be there for each other... no matter what!
Till the end!
And when we are at that old folks home just sittin' side by side and he farts...
you bet I'll be there laughing! 


posidanielle said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! You two are so adorable together! I hope you have many, many, many more amazing, loving, laughing years together. Oh and don't forget the farting. haha.
Take care pretty mama!

Robyn said...

happy anniversary!

Corinne said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)