May 8, 2010

Itching for a tattoo...

So I have been itching to get another tattoo.
And I have been going back and forth over what to get and where to get it.
But I have finally decided what and where!
I can not wait to get it, but I have to wait until my birthday... FEBRUARY! :(
So long!! But it will be worth it and it will look awesome!!!
I just cant wait!

On another note, mother's day is tomorrow.
I have been a mother for almost 4 years... WOW! Its scary to think that I
have been responsible for 2 kids and they have made it so far!
My kids are amazing and so different from each in looks and personality:

Jack Henry, my oldest, little red head with a mind that never misses anything and is always running! He is curious about everything.
Sometimes he makes us call him Iron Man... which is OK with me!
He is a fan of Johnny Cash... I mean come on,
a 3 almost 4 year lovin' the man in black... that's pretty awesome!
While he's a little high strung {like his mommy}, he is loving and intelligent
and oh so special to me... he made me a mommy and tells me he loves me at random times,
I hope that never goes away!

Emily Danica, my baby, sweet little blond curls and always has marker on her hands
{if not everywhere else!}.
She sees the beauty in everything, always the first to help someone out
and to give a hug and ask if your OK.
She knows the words and sings Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds... and her favorite thing to say is
"It's OK!". She calls me mama, which I think is the cutest thing!
She is my little artist and sees the world through artists eyes.
She is laid back like her daddy. She is a girly girl, she has to have a dress on and loves to play with make up. She has a heart of gold and hope that never gets jaded.

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