November 23, 2010

On Sunday we had the kids 3rd & 4th birthday parties!
It was SO much fun!

I made the birthday banner, all the leaf decorations, as well as the cup cake toppers that topped the yellow, chocolate and carrot cup cakes I made! I forgot to get a picture of the favors, but I made recycled 
crayons, and gave noise makers and glow bracelets! They were given in a leaf stamped paper lunch bag tied off with twine and a tag that said "Thanks so much!"

Brownies I cut out into leaves with a cookie cutter!


Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

It may not look like it... but this was complete chaos!!!
I felt like I was being attacked by toys, gift wrap and children!!!

She was to shy to say thank you to everyone 

Jack said "Thank you everyone! I love you all!!" 
Such a ham!!

Here's the invite I used... of course it had the party details on it, but I don't want the world to know my phone number and where I live :p

It was a great day! 
It was also Rob's 31st birthday!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday babe!! I love you SO much! Thanks for everything!

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