November 27, 2010

We decorated our house for Christmas!!!

Oh how I love this time of year!!
The lights, the music, the scents, the memories...

Here's my beautiful Nativity set... You cant tell from the picture but there is a garland & I added pine cones

Here are the kids stockings.... & a wreath I just finished making!
I used an extra stocking and cut it up to use the fabric to cover the top half and I had a bunch of little ornaments that I hot glued to the bottom. I used the bells from the stocking and glued those to some ribbon. The Merry Christmas sign was a $1 ornament from Walmart I picked up earlier.
I really LOVE the way it turned out!!And that is pretty much only cost me a $1.... seeing as I had most of the items on hand! Gotta love that!

And here are my kids.... aren't the adorable!!

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BlondeShot Creative said...

is that the wreath you were referring to? i love it! you did a great job