June 12, 2010

CBC... only day 3

FINALLY! Here's my entry for Multi layered! SOOO LATE! And to be honest, I drew this many times. Not this actual picture but different versions of Multi layered. I was going to post pictures of them as well but they wont upload so maybe tomorrow. Now I just need to catch up on day 4,5 and 6!! Oh and now day 7!!!

Just something I did... bored.


Carmen said...

LOVE this! So much to look at. Love the crack in the jar.

Don't worry, I'm the same I only just uploaded Heavy Metal and am going to upload my finished Multilayered today. Still have 3 days to catch up with.Aargh. Don't you feel like the naughty kid at the back of the class though. Want to lob some paper pellets at people with me? :P

blue china studio said...

Oh love the drawing of the jar! Very cool!

onevoice said...

love the jar and love your blog banner.