June 9, 2010

Lately I haven't been feeling very creative. Today on CBC Maegan talked about inspiration and where it stems from. I know it's in me, it's always there, lingering, hiding, but I can't seem to find it. I try to force it out by drawing and drawing some more and that seems to be doing the opposite of what I want... I feel like it's re-treating even more!! I'm frustrated! And I'm sure it's a reflection of what's going on with my family. My father-in-law passed away yesterday. We knew it was coming but still... it's never easy. I'm going to try to eat some food and  relax with my husband. After I'm going to head up to my craft nook and ponder the location of my missing creative inspiration! 


janel. said...

Don't forget to head over to my blog and snatch up the Blog Button for accepting the journal challenge!! http://www.iheartrunwithscissors.com/2010/06/challenge.html

Then I Got Fat said...

Some times I find inspiration in the strangest places. It seems like when I'm looking the hardest, that's when it escapes me. Take a deep breath and just let it come.

Sorry to hear about your father in law, death is never easy to accept.

Hang in there.

Katie said...

Im sorry to hear that :( I do hope things get better for you. I always find looking through art books and inspiring sites/blogs always help me get my mojo back! I noticed you are doing Janels journal challenge like me, so I am sure that will help! :) Sending love to you, from England! xoxo

ashleigh said...

Thanks for the support! Im sure it will all come back to me... just a funk! I hate funks :/

Sam said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. I think your work is great and I would definately say you ARE an artist!