June 27, 2010

So I was thinking about how a lot of other blogs have a photo of their daily outfits and how put together they all look and the fashion risks they take...
And then I thought "Well, I try to look fashionable.. but I'm a mom and sometimes fashion is just not the right choice! I try to look nice for work, but honestly the elderly don't care what I'm wearing!"
Anyways!!! I have come to a conclusion I AM LETTING MYSELF GET OLDER THEN I AM!!! I am only 27!!! TWENTY-SEVEN!! That's not old at all, so why do I feel it? And LOOK IT!!!? 
SO... to get out of my fashion-funk or at least try to, I'm going to start taking photos of my daily outfits (I should say I will try to take a picture every day!) and see how posting  myself out there for the blogging world to see and maybe I'll start putting myself and my style on my priority list!!! So I'll start tomorrow!!! And I would LOVE comments about them!! And I'm not a skinny minnie, I'm a fatty patty!! :) Any ladies with "more to love" have any fashion advice please share!!!! 

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